1:1 Coaching

We prefer a much more communicative approach when it comes to 1:1 coaching. Rather than “Weekly”/ “Monthly” check-ups. We aim to be available for whenever you may have a question. This allows for a much stronger coach-athlete relationship to be built. Giving us a better understanding on how you feel about a variety of training methods. At the end of the day, it’s about enjoying it, as well as achieving the best results.

1:1 coaching is currently priced at £50 per month. The price is responsive to the demand we receive and is likely to increase. We never include any hidden fees or restrictions to the plans. There isn’t a “tier system” so every plan is the best we have to offer.

Below is a contact form, which gives us the details we need in order to reach out for an introduction call and to discuss your options. This call is free of charge and is more just to see if you’d be a good fit within the “inspired running club”.