Distance runner

I joined Inspired coaching after feeling my running had not been progressing and I was losing the love for the sport. I spoke to Alfie for a consultation and was really impressed by his knowledge and willingness to really understand what training I had been doing, what I was aiming for and where I had been going wrong. I’ve loved my training so far, with Alfie being really keen to get feedback on my sessions and happy to adapt based on how I’m finding it. Alfie’s taken a lot of time to explain the purpose of each run and how the run should feel/what my aim should be which has helped me no end! Couldn’t recommend Inspired coaching enough to anyone keen to improve their running!


Middle distance runner

Having worked with the guys at Inspired for around 6 months my running has improved dramatically. But not just in terms of my personal best times. The team have taught me to evaluate my training better and given me an insight into how to progress and develop. This holistic approach is so different to simply being given a list of sessions to follow for a month and its paid dividends. I’d highly recommend Inspired for aspiring runners of any level.


Distance runner

“Alfie started coaching me after I decided to take my running performance more seriously. I had been coached by someone before, who was a great coach and a good person, and had definitely made improvements to my running. However, after picking up a stress reaction early on in his programme, which put me out for over 2 months, I felt I wanted a change of direction. I turned to Alfie, whose knowledge of the sport and knowledge of what it takes to optimise a runner’s performance, is like nobody I have ever met. But it’s not just his knowledge that makes him such an effective coach, he’s also been there and done it and, having run crazy fast himself across various distances, he knows how to make others run faster too. The evidence of my improvement is clear. Within a little over a month, I had broken sub-40 in a 10km for the first time; running the Cheshire 10k in 39:35. My previous best was a minute and a half slower. More than just the technical improvements in my fitness and speed, in a manner which very few can, Alfie knew, despite my own misgivings, that I could run under 40 and gave me the confidence before the race to go out at the quicker paces and to trust myself. Naturally, he was right. Training to become a better runner can be often be daunting and there are a lot of technical terms that might be alien to you, as they were to me. There might be some type of training that you’ve never done before, as it was for me. I cannot speak more highly of the way in which Alfie explained everything, making sure to not let me complete a session until I was absolutely clear on what he wanted from me and how to go about it safely and effectively. All the while, he explains exactly how each session will improve you as a runner and as a result it has been an educational journey for me too. With goals to run 1:25 in the half marathon and to improve my 5k and 10k times in 2021, I wanted a coach that I trusted, someone to be accountable to and someone to give me the confidence that we all need sometimes. He is all of those things in addition to making me a fitter and faster runner. I could not recommend him more highly, whatever your level, whatever your goal, Alfie will know how to help you and if you don’t already, make you absolutely love this wonderful sport.”


distance runner

I joined the Inspired team during the summer and the first ‘lockdown’. In need of a little inspiration and direction with my running, I couldn’t be happier. A busy work life means my training can sometimes take second place, but the team totally get my work/life balance and have helped me improve with my aim of a marathon next year now looking like a much more realistic goal.


Middle Distance runner

After repeated injuries and illness, I was about to take a complete break from running. After a chat with but Alfie and Paul I was inspired to give it another go. With realistic targets and progressive training I began to enjoy my running again and feel rejuvenated going into the new year, looking forward to the challenges ahead.